P&M Galaxy Power System Limited is a multinational power company operating globally. Our job is to provide the energy people need in a reliable and sustainable way. We are involved in producing, distributing and supplying electricity and gas and we provideother energy-related services as well.

To develop and invest in sustainable power projects that make economic and environmental sense and have positive socio-economic impact within the community.

To emerge as a key player in world’s exploration for global competitiveness by providing standard services and developing local capacity in electrical engineering solution.

  • Excellence and qualityWe always provide our customers with an excellent product or service, one of quality to be proud of, that meets and exceeds their expectations.

    People Development

    We recognize and support the desire and ability of individuals to grow and improve. We care to provide both structured as well as on-the-job training, in managerial, technical and sales skills matching training with mentoring, and coaching. We aim at the successful development of people in a career path tailored to each person’s abilities and potential. 

    We treat everyone with respect at all times. We respect our customers recognizing their needs and objectives. We respect our own colleagues recognizing their strengths, contribution and personal circumstances. We respect our competitors because together we create an environment that pushes us to constantly excel. 

    We nurture and encourage our people’s desire and ability to be innovative in everything, from products to processes. We foster each person’s freedom to come forward with technical, business, sales & efficiency ideas and we seek for the opportunities, as well as, the passion and actions to implement those. 

    Individuals, departments, the whole company, we are all and we expect to be held accountable for our performance and results. We encourage responsibility on all levels, using initiative, as well as, making sure the end result always meets expectations. 


    We strive for sustainable profitability in each business area, project and for our company as a whole as it underpins the financial rewards for our employees and shareholders. Profitability is also the foundation for our freedom to innovate and excel and sustain investment and development for the benefit of our customers. In today’s challenging, complex and often confusing business environment, our Company Core Values represent our identity and work as a mirror against which we reflect all our decisions and actions in the course of our everyday work. 


We are involved in the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity, in the production, storage, distribution and supply of gas and in other energy services.We equally possess the facilities and resources for handling electrical engineering projects in the following scope:

Urban electrification

House installation

Electrical infrastructure

Power distribution

Street lighting

Public address system

Solar solution

High tension


At P&M Galaxy Power system Limited, we are not only looking towards creating energy but also creating energy that is not harmful to the environment. We are aware of the effects of global warming, therefore we are diligent in implementing global Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) standards, policies and regulations of local and international environmental agencies.


Ecological sustainability and environmental and climate protection are among ourmajor concerns. As far as we are concerned, strict compliance with statutory requirements and regulations is mandatory. Our group-wide binding environmental management systems are based on international ISO standards and we institute voluntary measures as well.Our aim is to avoid or at least minimise the impacts on the environment due to the operation of our plants. Where this is not possible we will mitigate the damage that has been caused by deploying adequate measures. Operational management in conformity with environmental principles is largely governed by statutory rules and regulations. Compliance with the statutory legislation is our top priority, because granting and retention of operating licences depend on this compliance. Furthermore, we want to go beyond the statutory framework for eliminating or mitigating environmental impacts.

We also have a clearly defined strategy of continuing our efforts to protect the climate and reduce CO2 emissions. Furthermore, we are continuously reducing the emission of harmful climate gases from our power stations. Alongside enhancing the energy efficiency of our own plants, we direct resources towards increasing energy efficiency among consumers.


Our objective is to reduce our CO2 emissions relative to the generated amount of electricity and in absolute terms by investing in modern and efficient hard-coal and gas-fired power stations, and in renewable energies. These form part of our responsibility to the community and we have a duty to reduce our high level of CO2 emissions during electricity generation. These emissions are well above average compared with our main competitors. The financial risks of our CO2 emissions are reflected in our risk management.