Caverton MB 05 Oil Limited is an oil company with a proven management team committed to exploring and developing cost effective growth of light oil reserves.

To create a global name, based on manpower capability, quality and service reliability.

To provide best quality services and world class products to customer by providing quality guarantee and to give priority, speed and accuracy of services to customer.

  •  We conduct our business in a fair, ethical and lawful manner worldwide, and we associate with business partners (customers, suppliers, subcontractors and financial institutions) that share this approach. As a company and as individual employees, the fundamental values that we will not compromise are:


Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our employees, and the entire people around us.


We strive to uphold the highest ethical standards in all our worldwide offices and operations.


We take great pride in the quality of our work, and it shows.


We constantly strive to find ways to improve everything we do.


We develop and support each other so that every employee can exceed his/her potential.


We take our responsibilities seriously and we expect the same of others.


Mean what we say and deliver what we commit to

Health & Safety

At Caverton MB 05 Oil Limited, we are committed to conducting business safely and we strive to continually improve our policies and work practices. An ever-changing industry requires us to adopt and implement new ideas and standards. We foster commitment towards safety that will protect our employees, contractors, the public and the environment. To achieve an accident-free workplace, we will implement a Health and Safety Management System integrating our Corporate Standards throughout our organization that:

  • Ensures all contractors are aware of and practice their safety responsibilities
  • Complies with all regulatory requirements
  • Informs employees and contractors of safety hazards on a continual basis and provide them with the tools necessary to safely work around, or eliminate these hazards
  • Encourages employees and contractors from all levels of the organization to participate in our health and safety programs
  • Ensures all contractors are committed to excellence in health and safety performance, guiding contractors in performing their tasks to our standards
  • Provides job-specific training for employees in all aspects of safety
  • Illustrates corporate preparedness with an effective Emergency Response Program
  • Maintains our high level of safety through annual internal audits


We are committed to protecting the environment in which we operate and take pride in conducting our business in a safe, conscientious and responsible manner. We understand and accept our obligation to develop resources with an awareness of the environmental, economic and social needs and expectations of our stakeholders. We pledge to continue to abide by the following Principles of Environmental Responsibility:

Environmental Management

  • Commitment to strive for environmental excellence
  • Integrate environmental issues and business development
  • Appropriate training for all staff
  • Carefully manage our use of natural resources and improve energy efficiency
  • Assess the environmental sensitivity of lands prior to development
  • Reduce the risk of spills, limit waste and minimize accidents through the encouragement of operator awareness
  • Limit physical disturbances wherever possible

Continuous Improvement

  • Encourage suppliers and contractors to operate with environmental consciousness
  • Integrate the concept of economic viability, environmental integrity and social equity as a whole
  • Promote innovative thinking and implementation of ideas
  • Enhance employee and public understanding of our business


  • Respond to the concerns and attitudes of the public
  • Develop guidelines and other interest groups
  • Establish dialogue with interested parties regarding issues surrounding our business and our relationship with the community and our environment