Crystal 08 Deepwaters Limited is a global offshore/onshore drilling company with operations across the globe. Crystal 08 Deepwaters Limited is recognized internationally for our quality tools, worldwide operating capabilities, and committed service and for providing customized innovative solutions through our in-house R&D.

With an ever-increasing demand for energy, underground natural resources such as oil and gas are becoming increasingly difficult to access and extract. Crystal 08 Deepwaters Limited’s proprietary and patented technology enables energy companies to maximize their asset-yield, while keeping costs low. We deliver world-class drilling and engineering products and solutions to meet reservoir-challenges in oilfields around the globe. This enables us to optimize customer performance in accordance with environmental and economically responsible standards. Our products and services are designed to adhere to the highest standards of safety, efficiency and reliability.

We deliver value to our clients by not only meeting, but exceeding their expectations. We offer full fabrication and maintenance programs, R&D, Directional Drilling, Drilling Optimization, MWD/LWD and Resistivity Remote Drilling.

To be the provider of choice and partner for solutions in the global offshore drilling and marine industry.

To build one of the most experienced and dynamic teams in the industry with an unsurpassed safety performance.

  • Respect – We have the utmost respect for our employees, business partners and the communities we operate in.  Integrity – We emphasize the importance of integrity in all we do. We are committed to maintaining a relationship built upon respect, honesty, and ethical behavior.

    Reliability – We provide unsurpassed customer service creating a consistent commitment to excellence.

    Health & Safety – We take precautionary measures to avoid and control factors that would risk the balance of the environment and the health of all parties while minimizing our environmental footprint.

QUALITY Policy Statement

It is our aim to provide superior customer services to clients through an innovative and quality approach whereby procedures are not complicated, regularly reviewed and enhanced to ensure consistent equipment performance and quality of wells delivered to specification.  We believe our Company’s policy and commitment to quality will contribute greatly to our business performance.

Our commitment to quality in every aspect of our business shall be accomplished by:

  • Working in close harmony, alliance, and partnership with both clients and suppliers alike to set the same business objectives, and promote a common culture to deliver wells to clients specifications affected by our services
  • A customer focused and flexible approach to managing all aspects of well construction.
  • Introduction of quality systems and standards as an integral part of all our work procedures and consistent adherence to achieve continuous improvement to the quality of service being provided
  • Adopting a Team approach that recognizes the importance of internal and external customers as members of the Crystal 08 Deepwaters Limited Team, sharing the same common goals.
  • Investing in skills, professional and leadership training to produce effective team players and also empowering all staff to exceed customer expectations at each and every opportunity

HSSE Policy Statement

 At Crystal 08 Deepwaters Limited, Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) issues are a priority and we believe that outstanding HSSE performance is the core of efficient and profitable business management. Our goal is zero incidents/injuries and minimum impact on the environment. To guide the Company philosophy of continuous improvement on our HSSE performance, the following will be obligatory:

Proper identification and management of the inherit Risks in our business sector, is key to sustained HSSE performance. Therefore, we will routinely assess the risk of our activities, set priorities and develop action plans to reduce risks and minimize HSSE consequences.

We accept the responsibility to create a working environment within which our employees, contractors and the public will work with us and return to their families safe and healthy.

We go beyond compliance with local regulations to meet international practices and/or guidelines of major bodies in the oil and gas industry, such as the Accident Prevention Reference Guide of the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC).


We recognize that HSSE is everyone’s responsibility and that each of us has a duty to intervene to prevent unsafe conditions and actions, and to reinforce good behaviors, however, specific duties and responsibilities will be defined for each work site and activity.

We will encourage staff to work in partnership with clients, suppliers, enforcement agencies, and co-contractors to promote and provide high standards of workplace health, safety, security and environmental care while delivering quality wells;

We will create shared values that demonstrate an open, trusting and just culture where new ideas are welcome and people feel empowered to express themselves on HSSE issues.

We will document and regularly test plans to guide the effective management of emergencies and limit any associated adverse effects.

We will enforce that our employees and sub-contractors are trained in workplace HSSE skills in addition to ensuring that information and procedures are put in place.

Management endorsement of this Policy Statement is an acceptance to show the way and lead by example; acceptance to enforce same at all levels of the Company organisation and demand for all activities, that staff actively consider the HSSE implications and make the HSSE guidelines top priority at all times.  There shall be consequences for willful non-adherence.