Denton Deepwaters Services Limited is a leading offshore drilling company engaged in the drilling and completion of exploration and development of wells for the global oil and gas industry. We are recognized by our clients as an industry leader in providing safe, reliable and efficient drilling services. With our recent fleet modernization program, we now operate one of the most technologically advanced drilling fleets in the world.

We provide a working environment where our employees can act to make a difference in the company’s performance for its customers and shareholders. This shows in the way we do business with our customers. We intimately understand the customers’ needs, we are agile and easy to do business with. We will continue to strengthen and develop, by combining our products, services and capabilities in ways that will allow the world’s oil and gas companies to deliver their reserves whatever the challenges of the reservoir or the location.

To see a world in which affordable and plentiful energy is delivered safely from the deepest waters.

To deliver best-in-class drilling performance through our exceptional people, execution, teamwork and technology.

  • We value safety. We care.We value teamwork. We win together.

    We value excellence. We outperform.

    We value accountability. We keep our promises.

    We value innovation. We explore new territory.

Technology and Services

Denton Deepwaters Services Limitedhas a long and successful history of designing, engineering, building, and manufacturing all of our directional drilling technology products.

As unconventional and conventional drilling gets more and more difficult, Denton professional engineers get better and better at finding innovative cost-effective solutions that optimize performance.

These technologies include state-of-the-art electronic sensors for downhole measurement in such applications as borehole surveying, wireline steering, MWD/LWD production logging, directional drilling and more.

Due to their advanced instrumentation, our technologies are utilized on projects calling for precise performance, all over the world.

Borehole surveying instruments (both gyroscopic and magnetic), MWD (measurement while drilling) / LWD (logging while drilling) systems, rotary steerable technologies, innovative drill motor designs and production logging systems comprise the bulk of our products.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Safety is fundamental to our business. We believe that all accidents are preventable.  Our aim is to do everything safely and we are working towards a target of zero accidents. Safety is a regular agenda item at our board meetings and each part of our business is set targets against which they are monitored.

Protecting the environment is one of the cornerstones of responsible, not to mention successful, business practice. We take pride in what we do and we are committed to complying with the regulations that apply to our various activities, just as we are committed to avoiding pollution and reducing our environmental impact in the countries and communities in which we operate.

With no exception, and sensitive to local conditions, we diligently engage with internal and external stakeholders to nurture the communities in which we live and work. We are committed to our local nationalization programme and aims to employ country nationals on our rig sites and deliver value to the local economies.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy

People and the environment are our most important assets, and their safety our greatest responsibility. Safety of people and protection of the environment is a major consideration in the operation of our vessels. Every of our employee or contractor is accountable for conducting operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner at all times. All personnel, regardless of position, have the express authority to suspend any operation, which they believe constitutes hazard to people or the environment.

We are committed to maintaining and continually improving Health, Safety and Environmental management system which meets the objectives of this policy.

HSE Policy Objectives

  • Provide safe work environments for employees, contractors and visitors.
  • Assess risks and strive to eliminate the potential adverse impacts to people and the environment that may result from the Company’s operations.
  • Continuously improve the quality of asset procedures which ensure the safety of workers, minimize impacts on the environment and provide for effective emergency response.
  • Implement programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of our employees as it relates to health, safety, emergency response and environmental protection.
  • Communicate information pertinent to process safety, worker health and safety, and environmental matters to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Integrate process safety, worker health and safety, and environmental considerations into business decision-making processes.
  • Pursue continuous improvement of the Company’s management system for improving process safety, worker health and safety, and environmental performance.
  • Conduct annual audits to verify compliance with regulatory requirements, company standards, and accepted industry practices.