DOLCHE CONSTRUCTION is an international diversified construction holding, a leading provider of technology and infrastructure for the energy industry with headquarter in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria and offices globally. DOLCHE construction is one of the most respected global engineering, construction, and project management companies. Together with our customers, we deliver landmark projects that create long-term progress and economic growth, provides reliable solutions to our customers around the world while maintaining a relentless focus on safety and an uncompromising standard of quality.

Since inception, we’ve completed more than 25,000 extraordinary projects across 160 countries on all seven continents. We operate through four global businesses: Infrastructure; Nuclear, Security & Environmental; Oil, Gas & Chemicals; and Mining & Metals. Our company and our culture are built on more than a century of leadership and a relentless adherence to our values, the core of which are safety, quality, ethics, and integrity. These values are what we believe, what we expect, what we deliver, and what we live.

Our complete, balanced and integrated business model is unmatched in the industry. DOLCHE CONSTRUCTION can provide any or all of the major services and products our customers require, resulting in streamlined project delivery and better cost and schedule certainty. Our integrated model gives DOLCHE the industry’s most complete supply chain solution, enabling us to serve the largest projects in the world.

To be a prominent transnational infrastructure company recognized for business innovations, focused on total satisfaction and enhanced value creation for all its stakeholders.

In DOLCHE CONSTRUCTION our team of qualified, dedicated and experienced personnel who understand the demands of the industry provides their combined skills to solving your problems to ensure completion of your project, irrespective of how big or how small, in the shortest possible time to international standards.

With our facilities strategically located in Lagos, UK, Dubai, US, Warri and Eket, with headquarter in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, an extensive combination of modern construction equipment and tools in the hands of experienced manpower working to accepted quality standards DOLCHE CONSTRUCTION can handle your project first time, on time.

Make DOLCHE CONSTRUCTION your first choice in all areas of construction, or if you are an oil major, service or drilling company for the delivery of your project.

Fostering an environment that helps in the creation of knowledge and its application to work. We seek to excel in all our business activities and strive to build a creative organization.


We treat all individuals, institutions, our workforce and our host communities with the highest regard and consideration. We honour the rights of all.


We work together, towards a common goal to achieve even more. 


We practice high ethical standards and honour our commitments.


We perform our tasks to our highest ability and accept responsibility for all our actions and results

Our expertise

Oil, Gas & Chemicals

Upstream—Offshore oil and gas production systems, pipelines, gas processing

Downstream—Refining, Petrochemicals, hydrogen and syngas production, sulfur processing, gasification

LNG—Gas liquefaction plants, regasification terminals, peak shaving facilities


Gas-fired combined-cycle and simple-cycle generating plants

Clean coal generating plants

Air quality control services

New technologies for CO2 capture

Nuclear and Renewables


Industrial Storage & Maintenance

Bulk storage terminals, atmospheric and refrigerated storage tanks and vessels, water storage tanks

Maintenance and modification services for power and industrial customers


Airports and Urban development

Hydroelectric power

Ports, Rail, and Sport venues

Water and wastewater

Coastal and maritime services

Bridges and highways

Environmental Cleanup and Management

Cleanup and remediation, decontamination and decommissioning, waste processing and disposal


Mission critical support services

Engineering and construction services

Environmental and decommissioning services


Retail and commercial environments and energy management

Safety, quality, ethics, and sustainability

DOLCHE construction is built upon time-tested values of excellence and integrity. This means working to the highest ethical standards and being measured by the enduring quality of our projects. Year after year we are among the safest companies in our industry.

We are committed to leaving a legacy of progress by developing local skills for the sustained economic opportunity and volunteering our time and talent to the communities where we work.