Foreman Deepwaters Limited brings energy to the world as a global provider of offshore drilling services in the petroleum industry. Over the years, we have focused on operating safely and exceeding customer expectations. We are the industry leader in customer satisfaction. Our high-quality fleet includes drillships, dynamically-positioned semisubmersibles, moored semisubmersibles and premium jackups. Our rigs have drilled some of the most complex wells in virtually every major offshore basin around the globe, and we currently operate across six continents. We also provide drilling management services for customer-owned platforms.

Our customers are multinational integrated energy companies, national oil companies and independent operators. With safety and operational excellence as our highest priorities, our skilled employees consistently exceed customer expectations, using our proven Safe Systems of Work.

To achieve a safe zero-incident workplace and to be the clear choice among employees, customers and investors.

To deliver fresh perspectives to anticipating and solving complex deepwater challenges, with respect for the lives we touch and the impact we make.

  • Operational Excellence
  • Ethical Behaviour
  • No Impossibility Attitude
  • Success for Employees, Customers and Shareholders

Global Operations:

Foreman Deepwaters Limited’s skilled employees, high-quality rig fleet, global presence, operational and safety performance make us the driller of choice in the offshore oil and gas industry. Today we are the leader in customer satisfaction and among the world’s largest provider of offshore contract drilling services.

Standardization of rig design, equipment and operating systems is integral to our strategy. Standardization streamlines operations, increases efficiency and reliability, improves inventory management and facilitates employee transfers within our fleet.

Floater Capabilities:-

Our ultra-deepwater floaters average less than four years in age, and we continue to add new rigs with additional drillships under construction. Our drillships are built on proprietary Samsung hull designs with advanced capabilities to meet the demands of ultra-deepwater drilling in depths of up to 10,000 feet with a total vertical drilling depth of 40,000 feet. They include many features that increase operating efficiency.

Our ultra-deepwater semisubmersible rigs, capable of drilling in up to 8,500 feet of water, use a proprietary design developed with extensive input from customers to address the drilling requirements of nearly every deep water field around the world.

Jackup Capabilities:-

Our premium jackup fleet is among the largest and most capable in the world. We continue to execute on our long-established strategy of high-grading our fleet by investing in newer equipment. We have invested huge amount of money in our jackup fleet including the construction of new ultra-premium harsh environment jackups, which provides cost advantages for customers by allowing them to drill more wells from one location when utilizing the enhanced hoisting capacity at the farthest reach of the cantilever. 

Global Presence:-

We have drilled some of the most complex wells for super majors, national oil companies and independent operators around the globe and have a presence across the continents. Our rigs are operating today in nearly every strategic oil and gas area in the world.

Safety Performance:-

With safety and operational excellence as our highest priorities, we have established a safety performance record that consistently exceeds industry averages. Our skilled employees exceed customer expectations by adhering to our proven safety systems that are actively supported at the highest levels of the organization and applied across the fleet. We also offer extensive training programs to enable our employees to continually build their competence and knowledge.

Products and Services

  • Drilling and Formation Evaluation
  • Well Construction
  • Completion and Stimulation
  • Production

Drilling and Formation Evaluation:

Industry-leading techniques to acquire, analyze, and integrate key petrophysical parameters with reservoir characterization models.

Well Construction:

We offer a full suite of well construction services that enhance process safety and well integrity throughout the life of the well.

Completion and Stimulation:

We provide a comprehensive line of products and services, plus specialized technologies, for stimulating and completing wells effectively in all types of reservoirs.



The industry’s most comprehensive offering of artificial lift, production optimization, and reservoir monitoring systems to extend the economic life of oil and gas fields.

HSE Commitment

Safety is the primary metric by which we measure our operational success, and our continuous efforts in HSE excellence are succeeding. For the past few years our total recordable incident rates have declined to record lows, which means that our personnel are among the safest professionals in the industry. 

We are committed to the safety and health of the people who work on our rigs and at our offshore/onshore locations and to preserving the environments where we work. This is our most important responsibility as an offshore drilling company.

Our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management System has been developed and implemented to ensure the safety of individuals (personal safety) and entire installations (process safety) through compliance with our operating standards and the effective use of our safety tools. Our HSE Policy defines our commitment to our employees and other stakeholders. We believe that careful planning and precise execution are the key ingredients to a safe offshore working environment. Our employees are expected to practice “Stop Work Obligation” whenever they have concerns that a task might be unsafe or inadequately controlled – this ensures that it is done safely, the first time.

When it comes to safety and environmental incidents, we truly believe that we can achieve zeroincident operations.