Greek Production and Exploration Limited is one of the leading privately held E & P Companies in the world. We are involved in the exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas, we alsodeliver integrated midstream solutions to customers in the oil and gas industry. Our operations include the transportation, storage, blending, processing, marketing and distribution of crude oil, liquids and refined products. We also provide oilfield waste and water management services.

To efficiently and profitably explore and exploit oil and gas resources to create value for our shareholders while working in peace and harmony with the host community within which we operate.

 To be the premier producer of crude oil and gas to available markets and exceptionally excel as global oil and gas Exploration and Production Company of choice.

  • SafetyWe believe in protecting people, the environment and equipment. This is our highest responsibility. We believe in creating a conducive work environment for the benefit of all employees.


    We believe in integrity and commitment to what “our company” stands for.


    We believe that people should act responsibly in every given task and project.


    We believe that ‘Excellence’ depends on continuous quality improvement in people, processes and products.

    Team Work

    We believe that a part is one of the whole, hence team-work is encouraged.


Our Approach

We take a constructive interest in social matters, which may not be directly related to the business. Our guiding philosophy is that wherever we work we are part of the local community. We will constantly look for appropriate ways to contribute to the general well-being of our host community. Today, Excel is a centralized organization working in small group and touching the lives of its neighbors.

  • Employment Opportunities / Contract Awards
  • Health Initiatives
  • Educational Initiatives
  • Human Capacity Development: Women/Youth skills acquisition programs.
  • Other Ad Hoc Requests.


We have developed a comprehensive system for the management of Health, Safety, Environment and Social issues at all her areas of operation in keeping with our corporate values and vision. These comprise a set of company-wide policies, management systems, controls and policies, all of which have derived from good oil (and gas) field practice. To achieve sustainable development, a structured approach is used based on an HSE management system (HSE-MS).

HSE Policy

Our HSE Policy is centered on carrying out our activities in such a way as to:

  • Avoid injury to and preserve the health and safety of our own employees, those of our contractors and any member of the public that may be affected.
  • Minimize the impacts of our operation/activities on the environment in which she operates.
  • Ensure that every company and contractor employee must plan and perform his or her day’s job in accordance with our HSE policy.
  • Ensure an activity is suspended when the employee believes that it cannot be carried out in accordance with our HSE policy and that he or she reports this immediately to the supervisor.