H & H Phoenix Gas Limited is a natural gas distribution company that serves millionsof customers around the world. We deliver clean, safe, reliable, and affordable energy source through a vast pipeline system. H&H Phoenix Gas Limited uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver natural gas to homes and businesses. We fuel factories, we fuel natural gas vehicles, and we fuel communities through charitable giving energy assistance, energy saving programs. We have been part of the fabric of the community for generations.

There is a good way to do business “the right way”. We work to be a company that employees, customers, partners, neighbors are proudly connected to. Investing in the economy, community, education, infrastructure, diversity and environment, we are proud to warm your home, to be the energy behind your business, to grow our economy, we are also proud to benefit our community.

We are a leading owner and operator of semi-submersible accommodation vessels.H&H Phoenix Gas Limited owns/operates 9 semi-submersible accommodation, safety and support vessels and one Tender Support Vessel (TSV) that is providing drilling support services.H&H Phoenix Gas Limited’s fleet consists of a combination of dynamically positioned and anchored vessels. Thereby, the fleet is versatile and able to operate in nearly all offshore environments. H&H Phoenix Gas Limited has extensive experience from operating gangway connected to fixed installations, FPSOs, TLPs, Semis and Spars. The company’s track record comprises operations offshore globally.

To become the leading provider of premium drilling, project management and rental tool services, generating consistent superior returns for our shareholders.

To promote a culture of outstanding quality service and to be recognized as an industry leader in the area of quality.

To maintain, as the cornerstone of our business, the health and safety of our employees and the protection of the environment.

To actively involve and empower all employees in a continuous improvement process.

To listen and respond to our customers and exceed their expectations.

To adapt quickly and appropriately to changing business conditions and market opportunities.

  • Our Strategy is to…….Be recognized as an ethically-responsible, transparent company, delivering safe, reliable, operations through a culture of safety & performance related delivery. Focus on cost structures and capital efficiency – Actively manage our portfolio by farming down/reducing our capital commitment whilst retaining materiality.

    Increase production, revenue and cash flow from existing discovered reserves and monetize low risk gas and prospects.Explore for ‘elephant’ prospects with ‘company making’ potential within existing acreage.Ultimately look to supply the growing energy demand of the World. Combine international technical and management expertise with a strong local team.

H & H Phoenix Gas Limited’s team is the Company’s main asset

Our employees have ample opportunities for personal and career advancement. We are a team of professionals focused on the strategic goal of establishing H & HPhoenix Gas as a leader among global companies.

The employees’ readiness and ability to deliver high-quality work, learn and grow are key to ourlong-term success. This is why we place great emphasis on the professional development of our staff. In addition, we cooperate with world’s leading higher educational institutions, in Oil and Gas, in order to foster young talent.

We are well aware that our team is our main asset, which is why we uphold high international standards in our social and personnel policies. We are strong contributor to shaping the social and labor relations between the Company and its employees.

We look forward to welcoming more specialists whose energy and expertise will help the Company achieve its ambitious goals.



Corporate Social Responsibility

We aim to be a socially responsible company and to further develop its business in a sustainable manner. In order to ensure long-term, viable development and profit, the company balances economic, environmental and social objectives, and integrates them into its daily business activities and decisions.

Sustainable development is a development that meets today’s requirements without destroying the opportunities for future generations to fulfill their own needs. Sustainability stands in other words for future viability. To us, this means that we will balance economic, environmental and social objectives and integrate them into our daily business activities and decisions in order to ensure long-term, viable development and profit.

We comply with governmental laws and rules and regulations applicable to our business. In addition, we are committed to operating in accordance with responsible, ethical, sound business principles.

H&H Phoenix Gas Limited’s Corporate Social Policy draws on the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the key conventions of the International Labour Organisation, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

Our objectives for corporate social responsibility are based on the company’s strategy, core values, Code of Conduct and principles for corporate governance, in addition to international recognized principles and guidelines.

We believe that excellence in social responsibility will give us a competitive advantage and will contribute to our long-term success. It helps the company attract and retain the best people and maintain successful working relationships with clients, supplier’s and authorities. It also enables us to build goodwill and to support the countries in which we have operations. Our corporate citizenship is built on transparency, stakeholder dialogue and integrity in the conduct of our business. We will ensure that our stakeholders at all times are in possession of correct, clear and timely information about the company’s operations and condition. Dialogue with stakeholders is essential for identifying risk, creating realistic expectations and securing confidence in the company.

Health, Safety andEnvironment

H&H Phoenix Gas Limited has adopted a zero mindset philosophy. We believe that active preventive efforts will allow our business to be pursued without negative consequences for people’s life and health, the natural environment and material assets.

We emphasize commitment and participation at all levels of the organisation.

Systematic preventive and effective health, safety and environment work is a high-priority line management responsibility in H&H Phoenix Gas Limited. Active and visible involvement by management is a key factor in achieving the company’s goal of operating without accidents.

We expects all our managers to lead the way by setting a good example and facilitating good working practices and the resources required to operate safely. Managers must show in practice that safety takes precedence over profits and schedules. Should a conflict arise between operations and safety, the latter must always be given first priority. No safety rules may be broken and no short cuts may be taken to complete jobs quickly.

A pro-active HSE culture

We emphasize commitment and participation at all levels of the organisation in order to ensure that all employees perform their work in a safe manner, contributing actively to reducing risk and taking action when undesirable conditions are observed.

We want our company to be associated with a proactive HSE culture and with human relations characterised by respect, trust and concern for others. We demand that employees take the time needed to evaluate risk in their work and ensure that their colleagues are aware that potentially hazardous operations will be conducted. Colleagues must function as safety barriers, and call for interruption of work when they observe unsafe behaviour or conditions to prevent such situations from developing into accidents.

Through the participation and contribution of the whole workforce, and open and close collaboration with customers, sub-contractors and authorities, we will create proprietary attitudes and achieve continuous improvement.

Accident prevention

We are committed to doing what we can to reduce risk and to learn the lessons from things gone wrong. We believe that transparency is the best form of accident prevention.

Accidents and undesirable incidents are reported and followed up in a systematic manner in order to continue the building of a culture that promotes learning. Safety for people, the environment and material assets must be created and re-created every day.