JD Partners Pipelines and Coatings Limited is a global Oilfield services provider. We pride ourselves on delivering trusted and superior results, with a great performance for oil and gas companies in the global upstream oil and gas sector.

Through our research and strategic alliance with strong and experienced international technical partners, we provide products and services and solutions that optimize customer performance in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

We are a very reliable partner and provider who you can always count on. Notwithstanding the task or location, we ensure a dynamic and expert service.

We provide you with products and services that enable sufficient drilling and evaluation, in order to compete and produce the energy required to drive your business. We work with our clients cautiously to improve productivity and efficiency, reduce Human Safety and Environment and other possible associated risks.

To provide the most advanced coating solutions in the world at large.

To develop high specification industrial coatings that can compete technically with those offered by the larger multi-national manufacturers, yet lead on price, support and service.

  • Safety: We never compromise safety. Neither for our clients nor ourselves.
  • Competency: Competency and training is a strength of our company.
  • Professionalism: We meet high standards in everything we do.
  • Innovation: We aspire to lead the industry in business and technical processes.
  • Empowerment: We trust and have confidence in our employees to do the right things at the right time and for the right reasons.

Pipeline Coatings:

In conjunction with our Technical Partner, we assist our client(s) with coated Pipeclad fusion-bonded-epoxy coating to protect against harsh environment, sandblasting and coating removal, pipe storage and pipe related services.

Specialties and Services:

We offer the following services:

  •  Engineering
  •  Inspection and Testing
  •  Corrosion, Surface Protection and Coating
  • IndustrialCleaning
  •  Procurement


JD Partners Pipelines and Coatings Limited provides a flexible range of technical services to support our clients during new Project or products design. Our approach to engineering means a common user experience for our customers, independent of location.

Inspection and Testing

We are continuing the tubular inspection practice of providing value added services in the world upstream oil and gas sector. We also offer a diverse range of analytical techniques and a vast range of tests.   

Corrosion, Surface Protection and Coating

We assists companies to improve product quality and cut the costs associated with corrosion and also provides surface protection and coating solutions to combat corrosion in mission-critical equipment which helps Oil and Gas companies to operate safely and reliably. 

Industrial Cleaning

We provides the safest and most efficient cleaning services in the world, using a wide-range of industrial cleaning equipment and trained personnel to deliver bespoke services to clients.


Through longstanding global alliances and networks, we are able to efficiently source anything our clients require – anywhere – from highly trusted sources. Our partnerships allow us to achieve the ideal purchase: targeting value, product quality, and an optimal logistics solution to save time and money.

Our equipment manufacturers are based worldwide. We can organize spare part distribution and co-ordinate a wide variety of Oil and Gas procurement product and services from locations around the globe, achieving shorter delivery times to our clients.

In addition, our agile operating model is capable of adjusting to variations in project size and workload to achieve cost savings to our clients. Count on us to consistently deliver improved procurement quality with clear visibility into the process and tracking to aggressive performance standards.
Our procurement team brings unparalleled leadership and experience to developing proven procurement and supply chain services, ensuring that our clients receive what it promised, when it is promised, in a timely, well-executed manner.


Heath, Safety, Environment and Security (HSES) Policy

It is our policythat our operations should be carried out at all times in such a way as to ensure that Health, Safety, and Security of our employees and all persons likely to be affected by our operations, including sub-contractors, clients and general public are safe – guarded, and that the same dedication will be shown to the protection and conservation of environment.


This policy is the direct responsibility of the company’s senior management who are accountable to the Board of Directors for the overall implementation of this policy.


Within us, Health, Safety, Environment and Security (HSES) is a line management responsibility for which individuals will be held accountable and it is recognized that implementation, by line management, of the policy will lead to greater efficiency and higher standards throughout all departments of the company.


The duty of all employees is to take reasonable care of their own safety, and that of others who may be affected by their activity, is clearly stated by Government laws and to this end, we will encourage and support each employee in every way to ensure that the aims of these laws are met.


We are committed to work within the regulations and codes of practices laid down by decrees and governmental orders and liaise closely with all government departments as well as professional and academic bodies to ensure improvement of all HSES regulations.