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Jew 66 Energy Limited is a fully integrated energy provider with global operations in oil and gas industry. We have a full portfolio of services to meet your oil and gas exploration needs.

To become a “Top Performing” Oil & gas Development and Management Company.

To become a dominant player in the global energy market by providing best-in-class clients’ support in exploitation of hydrocarbon resources globally, and delivering outstanding value to our shareholders.

  • At Jew 66 Energy Limited, our employees are driven to create value every day. Our core values are the foundation of our company, essential to our success and serve as the lens through which we evaluate every business decision. Our commitment to these values, in both words and actions, builds a stronger, healthier Jew 66 Energy, benefiting all of our stakeholders.INTEGRITY AND TRUST

    We are truthful and ethical.

    We acknowledge errors and hold ourselves accountable.

    We do what we say we will do.

    We will not place personal gain above Jew 66 Energy Limited or mislead anyone regarding our business.


    We value the opinions of our stakeholders.

    We promote diversity of thoughts and ideas.

    We protect our employees, stakeholders and the environment.

    We will not place hierarchy over our values, and accept individual recognition for collective efforts.


    We will be clear in our business strategies and share best practices.

    We will not exaggerate our performance.


    We will elevate innovative solutions, pursue continuous development and improvement and seek to deliver more than what is expected.

    We will not elevate problems without solutions and be satisfied with status quo.


    Business Services

    Jew 66 Energy Limited is fully integrated oil and gas service provider. Our business services includes the following areas:

    Subsurface Development

    Hydrocarbon Lease Evaluation

    Reservoir Studies & Modeling

Wells, Engineering & Production

Integrated Well Project Management (Onshore& Offshore):

Drilling, Completions & Workover – Design, Planning & Operations

Well Project Support – Technical Personnel Recruitment & Placement

Benchmarking, Cost Control & Reporting

Production Engineering, Operations & Optimization

Training & Workforce Development

Subsurface Development

Well Engineering

Production Operations

Petroleum Economics

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)


Safety first every day— it is priority that reflects our commitment to quality operations. We set strict safety standards and operate so that our work sites are safe for everyone every day.

“Our safety culture over the past couple of years has improved tremendously. Our employees’ commitment to owning safety and holding each other accountable has been a huge part of that success.

Incident Prevention

Identifying risks and proactively seeking prevention measures is something we practice in all of our operating areas. Critical to this process is our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Compliance Assurance team. This team conducts audits across company operations, striving to identify potential safety or environmental hazards.

Should an incident occur, it is our commitment to learn from it and, if needed, improve our processes. To deliver on this commitment, we utilize a root cause investigation system to standardize our reporting, investigation and analysis of incidents. This system enables us to determine the root causes of incidents and ascertain where improvements are necessary.

Employee Health

Prioritizing the individual health of our employees is foundational to our safety culture. We are a champion of healthy lifestyles and offer convenient resources to encourage our employees to put their health first.


Jew 66 Energy Limited is committed to protecting our natural resources and reducing our environmental footprint. We established our Commitment to Environmental Excellence in order to create a defined and consistent culture of environmental stewardship among both our employees and business partners. This commitment serves as a yardstick for measuring our environmental performance. To support our Commitment to Environmental Excellence, our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) management program provides the strategy and accountability needed for achieving operational excellence.

Air Quality

Jew 66 Energy Limited has a robust air quality program dedicated to continuous improvement with a goal to reduce emissions from our operations. The program is standardized to enable auditing and fully integrated through the company. The foundation of our air quality program is compliance with existing air regulations and standards. We comply with all federal Clean Air Act regulations and performance Standards, and comparable laws that establish strict standards for air pollutant emissions. These laws and regulations require monitoring and reporting of emissions from various sources, including our production locations, compressor stations and other facilities

One way we identify preventative and corrective maintenance needs and strengthen compliance assurance is through a checklist specifically designed for our lease operators. Reports from the system route to a supervisor or Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) representative based on the criteria of the answers and action is taken when necessary. 

We also utilize enhanced facility design and targeted leak detection technology to reduce our air impact, going above and beyond regulatory compliance. These improvements, and others directed at air pollutants, also commonly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We Are Committed To Our Communities

The communities where we operate are also the communities where we live. We recognize the opportunity that we have been given — to be both a neighbor and an operator on someone’s land — and we approach this role with a focus on safety and stewardship. We are committed to responsible operations while we also work to strengthen the areas where we do business, leaving a positive impact through economic and community support.

Delivering on our business strategies offers a financial benefit to our shareholders and a positive impact on our communities. Our operations generate economic development through job creation, capital investing. We also support economic growth by hiring locally. When we recruit, we are committed to finding local talent first.