We explore for, develop and produce crude oil and natural gas globally.

PACSON Pipelines and Coatings Co. Ltd is a multinational company and one of the global leaders in infrastructure protection, PACSON PIPELINES is an applicator of pipe coating and lining products for oil, gas, and water industries, specializing in pipeline services and provide proprietary technologies and services for the corrosion protection of industrial pipelines with coated pipeclad fusion-bonded-epoxy coating to protect against harsh environment with maximum corrosion protection assured. The unique chemical characteristics of our coating are carefully engineered for optimum protection of pipes.

These coatings are designed for application on a wide variety of pipe sizes and wall thicknesses and can be utilized as the corrosion layer for single-, dual-and three-layer applications. Our focus is developing and implementing solutions for corrosion/abrasion protection of your new pipeline, and rehabilitation of existing pipes with no-dig methods.

In many cases this involves a combination of methods including traditional pipeline installation alongside no-dig installations. With our global partners we provide local knowledge combined with our technology, which is used in many industries and applications.

Our client base includes mining companies, oil and gas industry leaders, and a variety of municipal and industrial operators.

PACSON PIPELINES AND COATINGS CO. LTD can handle all aspects of your project, or work closely with your engineer and contractor to deliver one of our specialties. We have regional offices in, Lagos with the headquarter located in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria and offices globally.

To be known as a top quality Pipeline and coating Facilities Company delivery timely and consistent quality projects and services to its clients with up to date equipment and facilities deploying high quality staff while ensuring superior returns to stakeholders.

To be the leader in the solutions we provide.

  • Innovation We create an environment for the development of innovative ideas that facilitate diversification and delivery of value added services
  • Respect Demonstrate regard for people and the environment
  • Integrity We deliver what we promise within agreed behavioral codes
  • Safety No harm to people and environment
  • Excellence We strive for the best in all we do
  • Resilience We deliver against all odds


The health and safety of all who work with us is vital. We aim to protect employees, contractors, consultants and others who work with us, and to train them on a regular basis about health and safety measures and to ensure compliance with regulations in this domain. To this end, we have a health and safety policy in place, with the following key objectives:

  • To engage and consult with employees on day-to-day health and safety conditions and provide advice and supervision on occupational health.
  • To prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health and provide adequate control of health and safety risk arising from work activities.
  • To provide adequate training to ensure employees are competent to do their work.
  • To maintain safe and healthy working conditions, provide and maintain plant, equipment and machinery, and ensure safe storage or use of substances.
  • Our health and safety team are proactively and regularly reviewing our operations to ensure that the health and safety implications are documented and adequate provisions made to address potential problems.