Paragon 07 Deepwaters Limited is an oil exploration and contract drilling company active in all the major oil and gas producing basins worldwide.

Today, Paragon 07 Deepwaters Limited is the modern descendant of the world’s most innovative and successful deepwater drilling companies, and the pioneering people who made them great.

Throughout every region in the world and every area of drilling and production, our family of companies provides the expertise, equipment and operational support necessary for success – now and in the future.

Because we are service focused, consistently raising the bar for safety, and engineered to continuously improve performance – and can prove it – we are not bound by the constraints of the typical deepwater drilling contractor. Discover the pioneering spirit that distinguishes Paragon 07 Deepwaters Limited.

“To be recognised by our Clients as the most innovative drilling company and the company with the most advanced technological content operating in the world”

To be the premier offshore drilling company by providing worldwide, rigbased well construction services to our customers through the integration of motivated people, quality equipment, and innovative technology, with a particular focus on technically demanding environments.

  • OUR PEOPLE. OUR STRENGTH.Business at Paragon 07 Deepwaters limited is guided by our time-tested core values: Integrity, Respect, Teamwork and Creativity. These values define our culture, inspire our people and cause us to thrive in an industry that routinely experiences peaks and valleys.Our core values have governed us for nearly a century and are demonstrated everyday by our people: their dedication to perform with integrity; their commitment to treating one another with respect; their devotion to operating safely through teamwork; and their creativity to inspire innovative ideas.  When customers contract aParagon 07 Deepwaters Limited rig, they are not only choosing the most advanced drilling technology, but they are also selecting the best people in the industry.


Paragon 07 Deepwaters Limited focus on:

Groundwater exploration and development

Mineral exploration using multiple drilling techniques

Geo-technical testing

Environmental monitoring

Cathodic protection ground bed installation

Geophysical logging

Testing and water well completions using inflatable packers


Paragon 07 Deepwaters Limited respects the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility.  We take our responsibilities to society seriously and ensure that our attitude to CSR is underpinned by our core values and the robust policies and standards which define ‘The Paragon 07 Deepwaters Limited’s Way’. These are implemented globally and consistently by all our employees and cover health and safety, valuing all people, performance improvement, environmental stewardship, business integrity and sustainable growth.


Maintaining the safest, healthiest work environment is the most critical factor in serving our customers, our industry and ourselves.

Safety is fundamental to our business. We believe that all accidents are preventable.  Our aim is to do everything safely and we are working towards a target of zero accidents. Safety is a regular agenda item at our board meetings and each part of our business set targets against which they are monitored.


Protecting our people from harm and providing them a healthy work environment in which to perform has to be our top priority. Optimized HSE is not only the right thing to do, it is just good business. In the offshore drilling arena, the safest rigs and crews also perform the best. Which is why, as a company, our goals for safety and performance, as outlined in our policy statements for HSE and Quality, are extremely high.


Our vision is to conduct our operations in an incident-free workplace, all the time, everywhere. To achieve this vision we:

  • Protect our people and the environment where we work
  • Take responsibility for our own safety and for those around us
  • Monitor and maintain barrier integrity to prevent major accidents
  • Comply with our policies and requirements
  • Plan all work, identify hazards and manage risk
  • Empower our people to stop the job and call a “Time Out for Safety”
  • Report and respond to all incidents Implement what we learn