Triton Exploration and Production Ltd is an independent oil and gas company engaged in the exploration and production of oil and natural gas.

We are more than an oil and gas exploration and production company – we are pioneers in innovation. Through creative partnerships and bold investment in the latest data and technology, our talented team is making discoveries many thought not possible.

Since inception we have relied on past experience in parallel with the application of new technologies to succeed in the ever-changing field of efficient energy production. We are positioned to take advantage of current and future trends in oil and natural gas production throughout these basins with aggressive but responsible decisions in the coming future.

The company’s portfolio of oil and gas properties provides stable, environmentally responsible production and a platform for future growth.

HIRE THE BEST PEOPLE: Our belief that our people are our most important asset provides the foundation for all of our values and convictions. Our extensive portfolio of corporate resources is, however, not enough to make us “the best.” To be the best, we need the best people – people who are always striving to obtain more and to maximize value for our company.

ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING: The most important of our values, “integrity”, defines the core of every relationship we have. Whether inside the company or outside the company, integrity establishes the trust that is critical to the relationships that make our values work. Embracing honesty and integrity as our most important value means we stick by our word and we will always do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

DELIVER RESULTS: As stewards of a public company, it is our job to constantly strive to increase shareholder value. That is why we have to be results-driven with a clear focus on achievement. By conducting our business with a sense of urgency, we will remain more agile than companies a fraction of our size with the result that “big” will never mean slow.

BE A TEAM PLAYER: A central value of our company is the belief that teamwork and collaboration will create a better organization, provide more fulfillment for employees, significantly reduce bureaucracy and dramatically improve results. Teamwork and cooperation increases nimbleness, enhances effectiveness and helps to create an atmosphere of trust and goodwill that directly results in better performance.

BE A GOOD NEIGHBOUR: With the continued expansion of our business, the spectrum of communities that are touched by our operations continually broadens. That is why we have a fundamental respect for the environment and the people and communities in which we operate.

To be a results-oriented oil and gas company that builds value for shareholders through our employees by creating a culture of health, safety and environmental stewardship in an atmosphere of optimism, teamwork, creativity and resourcefulness and by dealing with everyone in an open and ethical manner.

  • Our strategy is to grow oil and gas reserves and increase shareholder value. We are opportunity-driven, concentrating on developmental drilling in our core liquids-rich oil region. Our large resource drilling inventory across the globe offers us exceptional production and reserve growth potential. We have a proven management team that is dedicated to tapping these resources in a controlled, cost-effective manner to create value for our shareholders.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Health and Safety: –    

  • We conducted more pre-task meetings with workers to discuss job-site risks and strategies to avoid hazards.
  • We emphasized investigating situations where someone was not hurt – but could have been. That allows us to put corrective actions in place.
  • Supervisors spend time with their field employees, often riding with them in the field to discuss safety and other topics.
  • An internal Environmental Health and Safety audit team systematically searches for improvement. The team identifies and reduces potential risks and to keep federal and state rules and regulations. They also follow up with local employees to ensure that the desired environmental, health and safety improvements is made.

Our safety and environmental culture has improved, and our oil and natural gas wells improved from mid-pack to leader among our peers.

Still, staying true to character, we are always looking for ways to do even better.

Environment: We will continually seek to understand our relationship with the environment and adopt technically sound and economically feasible controls that will avoid or mitigate negative impact.

Community: We support the communities where we operate because it’s the right thing to do for our neighbors and our business.

Beyond financial support, we get involved through volunteerism and civic participation. These are ways we contribute to building the type of strong, vibrant communities that healthy businesses need to be successful.