VALUE DD Petroleum Limited is one of the world fastest growing petroleum companies headquartered in Nigeria, operating in about four continents of the world.
The main products of the company are LPG, Motor Spirit, Superior Kerosene, Aviation Turbine Fuel, High-Speed Diesel, Naphtha, Bitumen, Lube Base Stocks, Paraffin Wax, Fuel Oil, Hexane, and Petrochemical feed stocks.

At VALUE DD Petroleum Limited, surpassing our own standards of excellence has been a consistently occurring phenomenon. A steely resolve to stick to quality, an unrelenting passion for treading on a consistent growth path, the finest of technology, care for the environment, all put together, make VALUE DD Petroleum Limited a resounding success story, year after year.

VALUE DD Petroleum Limited would strive:

  • To maximize the profit and return on capital employed of the company.
  • To maximize the yield of distillates in order to improve the Gross Margin.
  • To develop energy improvement schemes and reduce energy consumption and losses in the refinery
  • To synergize marketing infrastructure, Research &Development activities, capabilities and strategies with that of IOC to optimize the resources.
  • To move towards international standards of excellence in Refinery operations.
  • To strengthen information systems and information technology.
  • To continue efforts towards safety achievement and environmental protection.
  • To ensure execution of projects without time or cost overrun.
  • To focus training efforts on team building, leadership, the creation of competitive mindset and Refinery economics.
  • To maintain the reliability of operations at high level.
  • To identify new growth areas for diversification.
  • To augment infrastructure for crude sourcing and product evacuation.
  • To address the needs and issues of the society and the community around through Social and Community Initiatives
  • To achieve sustainable development through proactive Environmental Management practices.
  • To manufacture and supply petroleum products at competitive prices, meeting the quality expectations of the customer.
  • To pro-actively fulfill social commitments, including environment and safety.
  • To constantly innovate new products and alternate fuels.
  • To recognize Human Resources as the most valuable asset and foster a culture of participation for mutual growth.
  • To ensure high standards of business ethics and corporate governance.
  • To maximize growth, achieve national pre-eminence and maximize Stakeholders wealth.

To be the most admired Nigerian energy company through world class performance, creating value for stakeholders.

Business Marketing

VALUE DD Petroleum Limited produces a number of Petroleum and Specialty products that are used by many industries like fertilizers, power, and petrochemicals besides catering for roadways, railways and airways requirement of transportation fuel. The product basket of VALUE DD Petroleum Limited includes:

  • Liquefied petroleum gas(LPG)
  • Motor spirit(MS 150 ppm sulphur-non-metro)
  • Motor spirit(MS 50 ppm sulphur-metro)
  • Superior kerosene oil(SKO)
  • High-speed diesel( HSD 350 ppm sulphur-non- metro)
  • High-speed diesel(HSD 150 ppm Sulphur-metro)
  • Aviation turbine fuel(ATF)
  • Furnace oil
  • LSHS
  • Light diesel oil(LDO)
  • Naptha(non-fertiliser)
  • Bitumen VG 10
  • Bitumen VG 30
  • Extracts-light
  • Extracts-heavy
  • LVI Spindle
  • Lube base oil SN 150
  • Lube base oil SN 400
  • Lube base oil BS 150
  • Lube base oil SN 850
  • Lube base oil SN 500

Safety Health & Environment Management system has been formulated with the following objectives

  • No harm to any human being
  • No harm to environment & ecological system

VALUE DD Petroleum Limited firmly believes that a sound SHE management system will ensure (i) improved employee morale,(ii) Nil lost time, and therefore SHE management has been a part ofVALUE DD Petroleum Limited’s daily business.

This is being practiced in VALUE DD Petroleum Limited due to a strong commitment from top management to personnel at all levels by combining SHE standards with performance standards & imparting continuous training on SHE issues at all possible ways for all personnel entering the premises of VALUE DD Petroleum Limitednamely employees, contractors, security personnel including drivers of material supplies etc.,

The level of implementation of SHE management system is judged by (i) statistical reports,(ii) Opinion surveys, (iii) risk analysis (iv) periodic inspections and (v) process improvement initiatives (vi) Master Health Checkup for employees (vii) Environmental Quality Analysis

Following pollution control/ mitigation measures are adopted to minimize the impact of Refinery operation on Environment:

  • Continuous operation of 3 numbers of Effluent Treatment plants and reuse of treated effluent.
  • Monitoring of treated effluents from Effluent Treatment Plant for compliance against Minimum National Standard (MINAS), surface water & Ground water
  • Use of low sulphur fuel & low Nox burners to maintain emissions from heaters at permissible limits
  • Use of Gas turbine in captive power plant with cleaner Naphtha as main fuel.
  • Monitoring and inventorisation of Fugitive emissions by using Leak deduction & Repair (LDAR) program in the entire plant area for minimizing emission of Hydrocarbons.
  • Continuous improvement in Energy consumption reduction and use of alternate energy like solar & wind power to reduce Carbon-di-Oxide emission.
  • Continuous monitoring of Ambient Air Quality & Continuous Emissions Stack Monitoring Green House Gas emissions reporting and control measures taken for reducing the GHG
  • Continuous operation of VOC collection & removal system with Activated carbon adsorbent to reduce the VOC emissions.
  • Ensuring Hazardous waste management in the refinery as per Hazardous Waste Rules, 2008
  • Safe disposal of Hazardous waste in segregated & dedicated, Hazardous Waste Treatment Storage & Disposal Facility (HAWTSDF)
  • Monitoring of ground water quality

VALUE DD Petroleum Limited regards its employees as one of the key drivers of growth by providing a congenial work environment.VALUE DD Petroleum Limited always supports a participative culture in Management through a consultative approach with the Collectives and establishing a harmonious relationship for industrial peace and productivity.

VALUE DD Petroleum Limited continues to lay utmost thrust and emphasis for developing its human resources by organizing formal training programs aimed at developing the technical and Non-technical skills of the employees.